Our Prices

At Sydney's Inner West Pest Control we offer a full range of pest treatment and pest eradication services. Please find our essential pest control treatment package prices listed below, should you require specific pricing for any of our services not listed here - or wish to "mix and match" with a number of different pest treatments, please get in contact today, or call us on 0491 497 378.

Complete Pest Control Treatment Package

Pest Control Treatment for any size house, inside and out: starting from $220.


  1. Cockroaches*, German cockroaches^, Spiders, Ants (internal only) and Silverfish.
  2. Termite inspection (this is a visual check not a full termite inspection)
  3. 6 months warranty on large cockroaches

General Household Pest Control Treatment

General Pest Control Treatment for your home.

  1. Unit Pest Treatment:from $150
  2. Small House Pest Treatment (up to 3 bedroom): from $180
  3. Large House Pest Treatment (4 bdr plus):from $250

German Cockroach Pest Control Treatment

Pest Control Treatment for German Cockroaches in your home. Please note a follow up treatment is required 3 to 4 weeks after the initial consult and costs $

  1. German Cockroach Treatment : $130
  2. Top Up German Cockroach Treatment: $100

German Cockroach & Home Pest Treatment

Home Pest Control Treatment and Pest Control Treatment for German Cockroaches for a number of areas in your home. Please note a follow up treatment may be required within 4 weeks after the initial consult. The second treatment service fee is $100.

  1. Unit : From $150
  2. 3 Bedroom house : From $200
  3. 4+ house or 2 storey Bedroom house : From $250

Home Flea Infestation Pest Control Treatments

End of lease flea inspections and Flea Treatments for your home

  1. House* end of lease treatment (no fleas present): from $170
  2. Unit end of lease treatment (no fleas present): from $150
  3. Unit Flea Treatment: from $165
  4. Small House Flea Treatment (Up to 3 bedrooms / 100sqm yard): from $240
  5. Large House Flea Treatment  (Up to 3 bedrooms): from $360
  6. Extra large house and /or yard. Call for a price.

*up to 3 bedrooms. internal only.

Ant Infestation Pest Control Treatment

  1. Inside Only Ant Treatment: from $120
  2. Outside Only Ant Treatment: from $120
  3. Inside and Ouside Ant Treatment: from $200

Bed Bug Pest Control Treatment

  1. Bed Bug Pest Control : $250 (First room) then $150 each room.
  2. Lounges (ask for price)

*Conditions apply on all offered warranties.  Some houses have construction and drainage issues that do not allow us to offer long warranties. Our technician on the day will let you know if this is an issue, and will not proceed with any pest control unless agreed with you upon letting you know.