Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Treatment and Removal Services

Remove bed bugs from your home with Inner West Pest Control.

Inner West Pest Control offer professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice and are experts in bed bug control and bed bug treatments that will ensure that your home is free from bed bugs.

Our bed bug control processes are child, pet and plant friendly, to ensure the best results for you, your family, your pets and your garden when it comes to removing bed bugs from your home.

Preparation Prior to Bed Bug Treatment:

Bed Bug treatments are based on inner West Pest Control having a clear room to treat. If we need to go through drawers or cupboards and pull apart beds, the price will increase.

The best procedure is as follows:

  1. Place everything you can in the room outside in black plastic bags directly in the sun. With published thermal death points of 40-45 degrees depending on exposure time the aim of the game here is to heat everything up for several hours to as hot as possible.
  2. Remove larger room items and wrap in black plastic as per above.  If wrapping your mattress make sure you turn the mattress over several times during the day to distribute the heat as evenly as possible (we would always recommend a bed mug mattress cover).