Spider Removal

Spider Treatment and Removal Services

Remove spiders from your home with Inner West Pest Control.

Inner West Pest Control offer professional and reliable pest control services, treatments and advice and are experts in spider control and spider removal services that will ensure that your home is free from spiders.

Our spider removal treatments are child, pet and plant friendly, to ensure the best results for you, your family, your pets and your garden when it comes to removing spiders from your home.

Treatments for spiders vary, depending on the breed and due to the nomadic natures of some spiders they can be difficult to treat in the normal manner.

Spiders we provide pest removal services for include St Andrew's Cross spiders, Leaf Curling spiders, Garden Orbweaver spiders, Golden Orbweaver spiders, Net Casting spiders, Daddy long Legs  spiders, Redback  spiders, Wolf spiders,  White Tailed spiders, huntsman spiders, Black House spiders and, of course, Funnel Web spiders.